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Make a statement with Custom Stands in South Africa

  • ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with custom stands
  • Single to Double stories
  • 9sqm to 400sqm stands
  • Suspended rigging
  • Fully equipped bars & entertainment areas
  • Designed to precise requirements

Custom Exhibition Stands are specifically designed and built to suit your company’s image accurately. The only limit is your imagination.

What we do

Exhibition design

Our many long-term clients attest to our passion for service excellence and high standards of production. All work takes place in house by highly skilled professionals in South Africa.

Whether you need a small space or big shop to be redesigned, we can assist with the entire process, from conceptualisation through to installation.

What we do

Exhibition Builders

With our experienced team we turn your ideas and dreams into reality. We work closely with you to develop, plan and deliver a unique stage and set up for your event.

Retail stores and shop interiors done by us will project your brand effectively and display your products & services in an intriguing and exciting way.

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Clients Review

  • Client Image

    From the outset, I was impressed by your “no obligation” presentation and the initiative you showed in compiling the graphics on very limited input.

    • R Short, London, UK
  • Client Image

    Not only has the process been pleasant, but we achieved success for our clients with those contracts.

    • L Erasmus , Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client Image

    What we saw on paper was exactly what they built and delivered. Each year they tried new ideas that were very successful and resulted in a clean and polished final booth.

    • M Voorhees
  • Client Image

    We are contracted to complete work all over the world and regularly use different contractors to achieve the end result. I can therefore speak from first hand experience that you have a world class approach to your work. Your facilities are well equipped and organised. Your staff are well managed and key staff especially are driven and focused always keeping an eye on the end result.

    • B Feltham, Marrickville, NVW, Australia
  • Client Image

    Without your valued commitment and support we would not have been able to see this project come to life.

    • A Jolfisry
  • Client Image

    We found the entire team to be incredibly helpful, professional, focused and goal driven. Their workmanship was of a very high standard, and their interpretation of the design was both sensitive and beautifully conceptualised.

    • M Couzis, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Client Image

    As a Senior Project Director for an international company, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many partners throughout my fifteen years of employment. You and your team did a tremendous job with this very vital task right from the start.

    • C McClaine, NYC, USA
  • Client Image

    Working from the UK out into Africa, we were provided by the highest service Formation expects which gave our clients the platform to showcase their brands on a global level.

    • M Spillings, London UK
  • Client Image

    To have been able to manufacture multiple complex structures using complex materials from scratch within 2 weeks was credit to you and your company’s skills and to then install the structures into 3 large (and for the most part unfinished) windows at the flagship H&M store in Cape Town, in time for the much awaited launch, was management planning and project management of the highest order.

    • A Pritchard, London UK
  • Client Image

    Our requirements have constantly meet met for both quality of work and service, answering all our clients’ needs with maximum flexibility and courtesy whilst maintaining high standards of finish, all in a frame work of tight schedules.

    • Ganey Yehuda, Israel